How to Teach Children to Make Money and Be Kind to the Planet!

Fun way for kids to earn money and save the planet at the same time.

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This is fun for kids and they get to earn their own money!
Here is a tip to help save the planet and have the children or grandchildren earn some $$$$$$.
This will also keep your change in YOUR pocket!
Get a recycled jam jar, miracle whip jar, baby formula plastic container, coffee container, what ever you have, just so there are not any sharp edges.
Wash the container out and let it dry.
Take a permanent marker and mark you child's name on the container. Put some encouraging phrases on the container like, Way to go Billy! Good Job! Keep up the Good Work! You are the Planet SUPER SAVER!
Put your childs name on the container and underneath his/her name write, Planet Saving Money.
Make a separate container for each child that you want to participate in this Planet Saving/Money Making task.
Now, have the children start saving soda and water cans in a large garbage bag. When there is 5 or more bags have the children recycle the cans. As of today, one pound of cans is worth 65 cents, that adds up quick!
Give the child/children the recycle money minus a couple dollars for gas. I charge 15% for driving the children to the recycle center. Why do I charge for driving to the recycle center? Because it teaching the children business and gas is expensive!
After the outing to the recycle center, let the children buy themselves a treat with their own EARNED MONEY and have them put the rest of their EARNED money into the container that you made for them. This container can be their very own money savings account.
This is actually a fun task that the family can do it together, it helps out our planet, the children feel importance, they learn responsibility, money management, and most important, you keep your money because the children have earned their own.
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