Natural, Non Toxic Household Cleaning Products.

Did you know that you have cleaning products in your food pantry?

For a healthier home use products free of toxic chemicals.

You probably have these materials already in your kitchen that can be used to make non-toxic cleaners.


All Purpose Cleaner

1/4 cup white vinegar

2 tsp. borax

3 1/2 cups hot water

15-20 drops of lemon or lavender essential oil

1/4 cup chemical free dish soap

Put in a 32 0z spray bottle, mix the vinegar, borax, and water add essential oil if desired. Add the dish soap last and mix well.


Furniture Polish

1/2 teaspoon olive oil

1/4 cup vinegar or lemon juice

Mix the ingredients in a recycled glass jar. When you are ready to use your natural cleaning product just dab a soft rag into the solution and wipe onto wood surfaces.


Window Cleaner

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/ teaspoon non chemical soap

2 cups of water

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and mix.

You can also put white vinegar on a cloth and wipe windows directly.

Your house will smell like vinegar for only about a hour.


Carpet Spot Remover


Blot the stain immediately then sprinkle baking soda, cornstarch, or borax and let dry. Wash with club soda and vacuum.


Drain Opener

 Baking Soda

White Vinegar

Sprinkle a generous amount of washing soda in the drain opening pour a 1 1/2 cups of white vinegar on the baking soda. Flush with hot water and repeat until drain is unclogged.

natural cleaning products



Tub and Tile Cleaner

1/4 cup of soda

1/2 cup of white vinegar

Combine and use soft cloth to scrub.


Rust Remover for Sinks and Tubs

Salt and Lime Juice

Sprinkle salt on the rust and squeeze lime over the salt until the salt is saturated. Leave the mixture on for two of three hours.

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