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Did you know that pesticides are in insect sprays, lawn and garden products, head lice treatment, flea products, also as a residue on foods that are purchased from the grocery store.

What are the health concerns of pesticides?healthy solutions-lawn care-household toxins

Pesticides may cause nerve damage, learning and emotional difficulties, cancer and asthma to name a few. Most pesticides have an ingredient that affects the central nervous system. Dimpylate, better known as Diazinon is extremely toxic and impairs the central nervous system. Chlorinate Hydrocardons is a suspected carcinogen and mutatagen. These chemicals accumulate in food and fatty tissue. If you can smell it your lungs, you and your neighbors are absorbing it through the lungs.  If you use pesticides the chemicals get into the lake and affect the aquatic species and all that swim in the lake or play near the lake.


What are some solutions?

Lawn care without chemical?  Don’t worry you can still have a great looking lawn without the chemicals.

Here are some tips on keeping your lawn looking great!

Mow high. Keep grass at about 3 to 3.5 inches long to foster deep, drought resistant roots. Taller grass will also shade out unwanted weeds.  Leave the grass clipping where they are and allow the clippings to decompose and become nutrient for your lawn. Keep your blade mower sharp because a dull blade will tear grass and make it more susceptible to disease.

Water your lawn thoroughly but less often during the week. Your lawn needs one inch of water per week to stay healthy. Place an empty, clean tuna can in your yard to gauge how much water your lawn receives from rain and manual watering.

Spread a thin layer of organic soil or compost over your lawn in the spring and fall. This will provide microbes that will keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Reseed your lawn every fall because a thicker lawn is protection against weeds.

Have fungus in your lawn? Use compost or compost tea to deal with the fungus.

For a healthy lawn and garden use coffee grounds and ground up egg shells to deliver nutrients to your lawn and garden. Compositing is a win-win situation. It is a great way to use organic waste and turn  waste into healthy nutrients for your garden and plants, plus it keeps the organic waste out of the landfills.

Rethink your weeds. There is really no reason to use pesticides on your lawn. Pesticides will not only kill the targeted weeds but it will kill beneficial organisms and may create disease in your lawn. Also, think of it, when it rains or there is dew on the ground, the chemicals will flow into our lakes and streams, and since pesticides are a sticky substance, it will stick onto your shoes, feet, and the paws of your animals. The chemicals are carried into your house on your shoes and absorbed through the skin of those who go barefoot and your animal’s paws.

So please rethink chemically treating your lawn for the good of our community.


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