The Water Scam. Monkey See Monkey Do!

Monkey See Monkey Do!!!Monkey-see-monkey-do

Monkey see Monkey Do?

The advertisers have us dooped!

Why do we pay for water when it is FREE?

That is the best advertisement on the planet, making people buy something that they can get for free???!!!!! It is bewildering!

On the average a person purchases 2 bottles of water a day (even though we do need 7-8 glasses a day) at, let’s say, $1.50 a bottle.

2 bottles a day at $1.50 that is $1095 a year for water that is FREE! Did I sayFREE!

At the ten year mark, that would cost $10,950.

At the twenty year mark, that would cost $21,900 for something that is FREE!

Now think of this………where do all of those bottles go?

If all of the bottles where recycled, we would all be wearing recycled plastic water bottle clothes. HHHHMMMMM

So, save $21,900 and invest it in gold and silver for your future.

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