DIY How to Save Money During the Holiday Season.


How to save money shopping

1- Create a Christmas list and a budget and for the love of Pete, stick to it!
 Sometimes it is extremely difficult to stick to that budget, especially when you are giving to your loved ones. You want to see that joy and happiness on their faces come Christmas morning. When you are shopping
keep in mind the month of January when the bills come to your door.

2- Never pay with a credit card and never pay cash.
 Paying with a credit card costs way too much with the interest rates. Paying with cash is not recommended either because you need to have a  record of the purchases made just    in case something needs to be returned.
The best way to make your holiday purchases is with a debit card with cash back bonuses. Paypal has a wonderful prepaid debit card with cashback for purchases. Load up your debit card with your holiday budget amount and spend ONLY that amount on gifts.

3- Do the majority of your shopping online.

It is nice to get into the Christmas spirit with all of the retailer's decorations everywhere, however, the retailers have some sneaky tricks that turn on impulse buying. Don't purchase items that you do not need for you or the loved one  on your Christmas list. Retailers display merchandise on purpose, so you buy more.The shirt that your have on your list for your sister also has a few items that would look great with it and, imagine that the are displayed right next to that shirt you are purchasing for your sister.

4 Get cash back.
 When shopping online use your cashback card from your favorite retailer but don't stop there! Get double cashback with programs online also. Here are some of the favorites. 

4- Shop Early.

 Studies have proven that procrastinators spend $250 more  than non-procrastinators. Remember this, the closer December 25th comes the more expensive the gift.
 Retailers do markup gifts so shop early and save money.

 5- Regifting and Homemade gifts are in.

Regifting and homemade gifts are the cool thing to give but just remember who you got the gift from the previous year so you are not regifting the gift back.
Homemade gift idea, make an IOU jar. Get a Mason jar. Decorate that Mason jar with a Christmas ribbon. Take a piece of paper, fold the paper in 4's and cut the paper so that you have 4 pieces.  On each piece of paper write a holiday IOU. Example, Gift: Homemade banana bread. Your loved one on your Christmas list will enjoy cashing in their coupon after the holiday season is done.

6- Have a hard time sticking to the budget? 
     The answer is a gift card!!

Remember shop early and get cash back for your purchases this season, this will save your pocketbook.
Have a Happy Holiday
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