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Money Saving Tip

How to save money and time using aluminum foil.

I know this is a bit odd of a topic however I remember my grandmother Molly having great tips and ideas on how to save money and using what she had to get the job done.

She did grow up in the depression and she did not have availability of product choices that we do today.

However the products that we have are not the best choice. Many are extremely toxic to us and the environment plus they are NOT cost effective.

Just a note, with all of the money she saved not purchasing the manufactured products that were available to her in her adult years, she had become financially wealthy with her savings.


Here are a few tips that you can use at home too!

Here is one of my favorites. When you are painting a room and you have to continue painting later just that a piece of aluminum foil put the paint can lid over the foil, trace the lid on the foil, and cut the foil. Now before you put the lid on the paint can, place the foil over the paint and then place the paint lid on the can.  The next time that you are able to continue painting just remove the lid and pull out the foil, what the foil does is not allow the paint to dry so when you go to paint again you do not have the dry pieces of paint on your brush or roller.

 Also, before you purchase your paint make sure that you and check out what colors and types of FREE paint your local household waste management organization has for you.

Don’t waste money by purchasing a new pair of scissors just because they are dull. You can sharpen up your dull scissors by folding up approximately 5 layers of aluminum foil and cutting through the layers. Scissors are now sharpened!

Pretty up your home with a brighter candle. Here is an idea to brighten your life!

Take a piece of aluminum foil fold it up or crunch it into a ball shape. Unfold the foil and shape it into a bowl figure, make sure the shiny side is up. Place a tea candle or smaller candle in the center of this foil bowl and secure the candle with duck or black tape on the bottom. Light the candle and see how the foil reflects even more shimmery light to brighten your room or outdoors area.

Hope you enjoyed these money saving tips from Living Simply Rich.

Remember money saved is money earned.

God Speed,

Rochelle Marie from Living Simply Rich

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