Living Simply Rich Welcome. Got Garbage? Recycle.

Living Simply Rich Welcome. Got Garbage?

Environmental, Sustainability.

Hello Everyone! We are finally open! Living Simply Rich.
This blog site will give you tips and recommendations of living simple, saving money, new products, free things to do with the family, and great tips to make life a little more greener and easier.
This blog was created for you ! I had put up some money saving tips on the internet and got an incredible response from people asking me to start a blog.
First tip is recycle everything. I put it to the test. I recycled everything I could for 4 weeks and and at the end of 4 weeks-I had only one small bag of real garbage. I fired my garbage person and saved myself 40-60 dollars a month.  What did I do with the small bag of garbage? What anyone would do-I gave it to my parents. LOL
Can you imagine if we all did this, the planet would be a cleaner place, we would all save on our garbage bill, (except for our parents) and we would all be wearing soda bottle shirts. Really there are soda bottle shirts and you can not tell the difference between soda bottle shirts and cotton shirts. ????????

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