Protect Your Identity. Cyber security Incident involving Equifax.

Protect Your Identity. Cyber security Incident involving Equifax.  Equifax Data Breach

This is serious. Do not take lightly.
Protect your Identity and DO NOT forget to protect your children's identity.

I have had identity theft in the past and it can destroy your credit and cause so much stress. 
Read this information that I got from the bank and then if you want to protect your identity go to the link below the article. 

This is ID protection that is better than LifeLock and is at a better price.

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What to do about the Equifax data security breach
The Equifax credit reporting agency revealed last week that hackers may have accessed the credit reports of more than 143 million Americans.

To read more directly from Equifax please click here.

Data Breach Identity Theft TipsAt this time, it appears there were just over 200,000 credit cards among the 143 million records potentially compromised. Equifax has indicated that debit cards were not exposed – therefore criminals are unlikely to have the capability to withdraw funds from a checking account.

However, hackers may have gotten access to addresses, birth dates, driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers. Those records can be used to open bank and credit card accounts, file and collect tax refunds, apply for loans and more.

Our goal is to help protect you from identity theft.

The first step members should take to find out more is to visit Equifax’s website. Equifax has a tool that can help determine whether their data has been exposed.

Then, members should take steps to protect their identity, including:

‣ Not responding to email, text or telephone calls asking for personal or financial information
‣ Frequently reviewing account activity and immediately report unauthorized transactions
‣ Placing an initial fraud alert with credit bureaus if fraud has occurred
‣ Enrolling and opt-in transaction monitoring
‣ Using card on/off switches (if available)
‣ Enrolling in Verified by VISA / MasterCard Secure Code
The Federal Trade Commission has other information on the Equifax incident:…/…/equifax-data-breach-what-do
Thank you NCCU for the article

Link for ID protection: Credit Protection Link.

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