Original Living Simply Rich, The Story

Teaching you Living Simply Rich steps so you and your family can have independence, security, control, peace of mind and freedom.

The Rocci Road.

The Rocci Road. Teaching you Living Simply Rich steps so you and your family can have independence, security, control, peace of mind and freedom. The Rocci Road.

This story really started many years ago with my grandmother teaching me how to live life on a shoe string budget. It was not that my grandparents did not have money; it was because they grew up in the depression and their way of life was sustainability. I remember my grandmother reusing EVERYTHING even before it was the cool thing to do. I guess that I took on their depression (sustainability) education and did not even realize it until I was a parent.

When I became a single parent my depression skills kicked in especially when my second born and was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. I will tell you money was extremely hard to come by since I was in and out of the Children’s hospitals for years and then being in a car accident that kept me only being able to work part time jobs. I always worked many part time jobs and never wanted to put my egg in “one basket” with 1 full time job. I created Living Simply Rich because I want to teach you how to have a peaceful and abundant life and minimize the stressors. I was you and your family to have an amazing life.

Back to the story, I was extremely thankful for the sustainability education that my grandmother taught me because for years I had to live off of $700.00 a month and I was still able to keep my home. I was even able to decorate my home, put clothing on my children, feed my children and usually their friends too! I even had a car that I was able to keep running very well. So, how did I do this? Sustainability, I kept my material items maintained, looked around for deals and free items, purchased items that made sense, and bought items for my home that would save me money in the long run. I upcycled, recycled, and recycled again. I also kept great records to keep everything in check.

I know through life experiences how to budget, save money, repair and rebuild credit, eliminate bills, avoid financial predators, and how to make money on and off line. Also, I have shown many people how make their lives financially less stressful in emergency situations and in non-emergency situations, I want to give you this also.

I am taking the information that I have learned and I want to show anyone that wants to listen and put these simple yet successful steps into action. Don’t worry it is not hard at all, in fact it is very easy.

I want to help the world to create simplified abundance.

Hang out with us and create your Living Simply Rich life!

Our Mantra: Our passion goes something like this….
Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. a

Show a person how to fish and they will feed their family for a life time. We love showing you how to live simple so that you will attract riches and abundance.