Who We Are.

We enjoy passing on information on how to live a little more simple and rich. We  have tips on how to make little steps of change so that you can keep your hard earned change in your pocket and put a lot more in your wallet.

We have creative ideas, thoughts, and inspiration for you, your home, and your business.


Time is money and your time is valuable, that is why I have weeded  through the internet to find true blue offers, education, information,  business building tips and more. We know that the internet can be full of stuff that you do not want to waste your time on, that is why I test everything before we place it on our site.


I also believe that in this economy, we all need to come together and help each other out so please share your information on this site or the other social networks at Living Simply Rich.


Pay it Forward,


Rochelle Marie at  Living Simply Rich


Who is the Founder


I am the mother of two and one of my children has a rare heart condition so I like most of us have to be very creative financially in business and at home.

I am  an environmental advocate and educator for over two decades. I had started one of the first recycled clothing and accessory companies called, The Loop. I have written books.

I have degrees in Health/Science, Psychology, Sociology, Business,  Economics, and Law Enforcement, a little ADHD there or what?  Really I do have ADHD.


My life plan was to be a doctor however when I was pre- medicine, my 9-month-old son passed out due to a heart condition. I could not continue my plan to be a doctor because I had seen so much pain in the Children's Hospitals and I sure did not want to work with that every day.


My plan B was to become a peace officer, however, a car accident ended plan B


So after all of that, God has shown me how to do what I LOVE to do and that is be a solution creator.  That is exactly how I started up Living Simply Rich, through God and my passion; I want to help as many people as I can on this planet life an abundant life.

My passion goes something like this….Give a person a fish and she eats for a day.

 Show a person how to fish and she will feed her family for a life time.

 I love helping people how to live simple so that they can have security, control & freedom.

Focus on showing the world your passions and you will create abundance.

Connect with me.