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The HOTTEST Selling Book in Home & Garden. If You Don't Live in a Box -Then You Need This Book.

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                Simplify Your D.I.Y.

The ColorKeeper. The Ultimate Home Organizer.  Save Money, Time-Keep it Simple.

You are so excited, about decorating and updating your home.                                                          You can not wait until your home feels fresh, new and a feeling that it is home.              The first thing you choose to do is repaint the walls in a room.     

You found the perfect colors at the paint store, your painting your room or rooms the perfect color and then..... your child colored on the wall with a permanent marker or you moved furniture and marked up the painted wall.                                                          How frustrating, but no worries because your have the exact paint color that you used to paint the wall recorded in the book, The ColorKeeper.                                                    You have just saved yourself tons of time and money running back and forth to the store trying to match the paint color that you painted the room previously. Yes, because you are the smart organized home owner all you have to do is bring your book, The ColorKeeper, to the paint store and have the store make up a batch of the color that you need.
Ta Da, no wasting time, no wasting money and no mismatched paint. Your painted room is perfect again.  To top that, you even save money on maintenance and repairs because The ColorKeeper even has a maintenance reminder checklist.

You have homeownership conquered just with having one book!

The ColorKeeper is an easy way to organize your paint colors for your home.

The ColorKeeper is 9.5 by 11 inches and easy to carry in a purse, back pocket.

The ColorKeeper has a 

Also, this makes a GREAT GIFT for new homeowners, stocking stuffer and also a wonderful thank you gift for realtors to give out to customers. 

Hurry and get your ColorKeeper now and get one for a gift.



Customer Reviews

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Justin Walker
This book saved me money the first time I used it.

I was repainting my boys bedroom and I did not purchase enough paint to finish the room.
My son and I went to the paint store to purchase another gallon of paint so I could finish his room.
I picked out the paint color that (I thought was the matching room color)!!
My son told me that he did not think that was the correct color. He said, "Dad lets go home and get the book that I put the sticker in."
We went home grabbed The ColorKeeper and drove back to the paint shop. Thank God we did because the paint I was going to purchase was NOT the correct color. This little book saved me from purchasing the wrong paint and saved me $45.00.

Making it Simple.

This easy to use book made my painting projects for my home easier and I now I don't have tons of paint cans laying around my garage. All I do is take the book to the store with me and I get a perfect color match for paints previously used.

Jamar Joseph

This book saved me alot of home updating frustration.
Now I have all my information at my fingertips. I can also pass this book to the new homeowner when I sell this home.
The book saved me money on making the wrong paint purchases too!
This book needs to be in every home.